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EU bans the use of fingerprints at work: What are the alternatives?

The recent ruling of the European Data Protection Committee has directly impacted work practices by banning the use of fingerprints as a method of time recording in companies. This measure, aimed at biometric control systems, marks a significant change in the regulations of presence in the work environment.

The guideline establishes that biometric data, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, are classified as special information, and their use for clocking in at work is generally prohibited, except in specific situations contemplated in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD), in tune with European regulations, has adjusted its guidelines, which implies that the continued use of biometric systems for daytime registration, such as fingerprint scanning, could result in sanctions, even if their installation was initially legal.

This guideline, while seeking to safeguard privacy and individual rights in the workplace, leaves companies looking for alternative methods of access control that do not involve biometric data.

Stay secure, stay ahead of the curve with Ironchip's Identity Platform.

In this context of regulatory changes, the need for secure and efficient alternatives becomes paramount. Ironchip offers a revolutionary solution: the Identity Platform, a technology based on wave-based location.

Our platform guarantees precise access control, ensuring physical presence at a given location without compromising privacy or resorting to sensitive biometric data. By using wavelength-based location, the need to store personally identifiable information is eliminated, offering a robust alternative that is fully compliant with the new EU data protection guidelines.

Identity protection and access control in critical infrastructures

Ironchip's Identity Platform not only meets the required privacy standards, but also becomes an essential resource for critical infrastructures. We ensure secure access to sensitive environments, such as industrial facilities, laboratories or restricted work areas, without compromising the integrity of personal data.

Why choose Ironchip's Identity Platform?

  • Privacy first: Our technology does not store or use biometric data, ensuring user privacy.
  • Compliance: Compliant with EU guidelines, avoiding legal risks.
  • Proven efficiency: Accurate and reliable access control for work and critical environments.
  • Innovative technology: Wave localization for secure and risk-free identification.

    At Ironchip, we are committed to offering advanced solutions that prioritize security and respect for privacy. Are you ready to take the step towards secure and risk-free identification? Stay secure, stay ahead of the curve with Ironchip's Identity Platform.
Post by Ironchip
December 5, 2023