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If your PC is Windows, this is of interest to you !

You must update your PC to windows 10 - 11, since the operating systems previous to those, will be vulnerable to be cyberattacked from today. 

Some time ago the Windows 7 and 8 operating systems supposedly ceased to be operational, but despite that, Microsoft continued to perform security updates of these same if the user paid an extra price, there were many users who refused to take the step to use the new software. 

However, those who refused to use the new Windows 10 and 11, had to continue performing such updates to avoid using insecure operating systems on their devices. But that has now changed, as of January 10, the company stated that they will stop protecting such older software to focus on the latest ones they have released. They will no longer fix vulnerabilities in older software. 

They will no longer give you the option to pay to protect your old system, and about 100 million computers are at risk of being attacked, as they are out in the open. That is why the company itself has asked users to upgrade their devices to Windows 10 or Windows 11. 

In addition to your device with older versions being insecure, the browser will also no longer be available on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. 

This does not mean that they can no longer use their operating systems, what we want to emphasize is that they will be more prone to cyber-attacks or information theft. 

At Ironchip, we recommend always having your devices updated to avoid situations like these. In addition to avoid cyber-attacks, we also recommend not to keep all passwords in one place, as these are being attacked regularly lately. 

We continue to guide users towards a safe future, protected from cyber-attacks and Paswordless ! 

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