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 The Spanish startups Ironchip and have teamed up to develop a solution capable of guaranteeing document security for companies by protecting documentation based on patterns such as location and role.

Document security is an issue of vital importance for any organization, since information is one of its most valuable assets. In order to protect the data and information of companies, laws such as the GDPR and the Organic Law on Data Protection came into force, but this is not only the reason why document security has become an essential issue, but also because its high value has turned the documentation of companies into the main focus of cybercriminals, According to VanKirk, CEO of SonicWall, in an interview with The Register, "Ransomware attacks have been on an upward trend for more than five years, and this year that trend continues, except compared to the exceptionally high spikes we saw in 2021".

Ironchip and have combined the best of our technologies to offer easy and secure document security to companies. This solution developed jointly by the two startups allows anonymizing a document by making private information invisible to the human eye and limiting the ability to be extracted only by authorized people from previously defined places and devices.

According to Isabel Hernández CEO of, the Madrid startup Spin off of Teléfonica, "Personal data is the most sought after by cybercriminals, the use of this information allows them to commit various types of fraud, such as impersonation of suppliers or identity theft. Just as hackers make use of new methodologies and techniques in order to circumvent the security measures of companies, companies must be able to adapt to new threats in an agile, fast and secure way. This new paradigm demands technological alliances that allow companies to protect themselves against current challenges through the use of pioneering and innovative solutions.'s services protect the private and sensitive information contained in documentation from the eyes of unauthorized persons.". aims to provide a solution that enables the protection and tracking of written documentation. Its services are based on a novel, patented technology, which enables the insertion of persistent, non-visible information into written documentation. This makes it possible to retrieve the information even if the document changes format. The information persists invisibly in screenshots, photographs, or printouts.

As of today, this alliance aims to address the advancement of digital transformation in a secure manner with intelligent and adaptable technologies on a day-to-day basis "Information security based on secure methods such as localization is vital for the advent of a more resilient society in the unstable geopolitical context in which we find ourselves. As a country, we have already suffered its consequences in international conflicts that are well known to all. And the same thing will end up happening in the private sector, on a massive scale, if we do not put the necessary means in place to avoid it". So says Jose Fernando Gomez, our CPO and founder.

This new solution will enable a secure mode in which only authorized persons, in the exact authorized place, can access the critical data in the document, being completely invisible to the human eye if it does not comply with the aforementioned characteristics. That is, the President of the United States must sign a document in which there are critical and very private data, with this solution, these data would be hidden at first glance and could only be extracted in the oval office, by authorized persons, ie, he and his secretary.

Both companies have opted for this collaboration, being aware of the need for good practices in cybersecurity and tools that facilitate the daily dynamics, as it is becoming increasingly complex.