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Virtual Private Network or VPN, as it is more commonly called, is a tool that keeps information safe, as well as anonymity on the network. A VPN can mimic the behaviour of a private network in a public one and thus provide us with a secure and improved connection with the encryption of all our data.

The purpose of VPNs within companies is, among other things, to generate a virtual private network, encrypt internet communications, protect company data, user identity... in addition to achieve a remote connection to the local network from the distance, even managing to encrypt these communications to enjoy private and secure browsing. In this way, this tool helps companies to guarantee the security of their users and the company itself, but is it an efficient measure on its own?


A strong VPN should verify anyone trying to log in through strong authentication, making it difficult for unwanted third parties to access your connection. Being able to provide VPN users with a secure digital identity will help protect this access, but this is challenging today. Since, developing systems so that people are able to unequivocally prove their identity in the digital environment, cannot be carried out by another person in their place and this does not generate any friction in the daily use of these services, is currently something complicated.

Solutions like Ironchip offer you more security, with its secure identity solution. Ironchip, with its digital identity based on intelligent location, achieves a passwordless MFA, without passwords, without codes. VPN users will receive a notification in the mobile/computer application that they will validate and at that very moment they will be guaranteeing that they are who they say they are by transparently providing three proofs of identity in a single click: user, device intelligence and mobility behaviour. 

This easy and secure user authentication provides your employees with a frictionless authentication system. While these will operate calmly and without any tedious method, Ironchip's intelligent location will be transparently guaranteeing the security of your accesses.

Ironchip protects different VPNs on the market




Our security software detects unauthorized access by transparently learning the behavior of a company's users in relation to the services they access and the places from which they access, in order, in the event of abnormal behavior, to generate an alert and access is managed and prevent improper access.

Intrusion detection system (IDS), we analyze the behavior of human beings in their daily relationship with the company's services, in this way, when someone operates with unusual location behavior, your system will report them as an intruder thanks to our IDS, being able to avoid inappropriate access in time.

In addition, it respects the privacy of employees and complies with the current RGPD, the intelligent location is totally anonymous, since we only store the prediction algorithm capable of determining if the location is valid. Even if what you need is for the culture around cybersecurity to increase in your company, we also have the option of making the mobile authentication application adapted to the identity of your company.

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