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Teleworking, lack of remote access protection and non-existent computer protection have become the main threat to Spanish companies, which now top the podium in the countries with the greatest cyberthreats, ahead of countries such as Turkey and Japan.

As a result of the pandemic and the implementation of online work systems, cyberattackers have seen a new scenario in which to act: unprotected remote computers and remote desktops.

Teleworking brings with it a great disadvantage and that is that, if we do not have our information secured, we are leaving it all out in the open on the Internet. That is why we want to emphasize the importance of having systems that protect your company from all these attacks.

From Ironchip we offer a solution with which your desktops will be safe and you can work from home safely, we can help protect you from these RDP attacks through our multifactor authentication system, this system enables secure spaces to access your applications and content unequivocally.

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