What is MFA?
Why don't we stop hearing about its importance and benefits?

January 19th, 2021


As news of cyberattacks on our businesses pours in each week, one thing is clear... Passwords are no longer enough!

The organizations' users access and operate their corporate emails, VPN servers and even bank accounts of their companies on a daily basis.... and all of this with a single identification method such as passwords, or identification methods that hinder and hinder the work daily, like rotary codes...

These practices, which were previously innovative and secure, have become one of the greatest vulnerabilities for cyberattacks on corporate systems, since 99% of inappropriate accesses are due to a human factor error derived from authentication methods. established. Users with a slow, cumbersome, or unreliable authentication solution have been known to start evading your controls as soon as these security mechanisms prevent them from accessing and getting their work done easily.

At Ironchip we have developed a technology capable of implementing this security in the most innovative, safe...
And simple way! for your organization and its users.


We protect connections through our triple identity proof MFA: mobile, biometric proof and secure location generated by our technology.

How does it work?
Our technology learns from a person's usual places of operation, generating a digital identity associated with those places. In this way, every time an operation is carried out from outside one of these, our platform warns of it.

All this in a very simple way, through a management platform for the security administrator and a simple interaction through their mobile devices for the users.

In addition, our platform allows endless solutions to protect companies from improper access such as:

  • Protect and isolate backups,
  • Isolate and secure the different services from only designated places,
  • real-time monitoring
  • and management of access to information based on the role played by each worker, if desired.


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