Implementation and integration of location technology so as to detect fraud profiling the identity and behaviour of the operation places of online banking users.



It is one of the top ten Spanish financial institutions by volume of assets, is a bank based in Galicia that has a network of around 700 offices distributed throughout Spain and 9 other countries. ABANCA is committed to a new way of banking, based on what they call Common Sense, and very clear values: responsibility, reliability, quality and innovation.




Ironchip provides ABANCA a tool with which can find out if any user of its network, in this case we would be talking about ABANCA end customers, is having abnormal behaviour or not. This behaviour is based on the data of the user in question, on the device associated with it and on its frequent locations, which are obtained from the radioelectric waves surrounding a place and associated with the usual places of users. These three parameters determine very precisely the behaviours carried out by users, allowing us to make faster decisions and profile the users as fraudulent or not.


This new location-based security paradigm opens the door to finding a way for the place where a user is to be a key proof of identity that not only allows us to identify 95% of users in a way that they can impersonate, but also let us identify behaviours that do not conform to the real identities of these individuals and thus we will be able to detect malicious entities in real time; even locating them in a next future.

Download the study case to learn about the scope of fraud detection technology of Ironchip for ABANCA online banking application.


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