Protection of the Secure&IT SCADA system, specifically VT-SCADA. Integration within the system so that apart from password and user, it is requested to be in front of the team itself.

About Secure&IT
Secure&IT, an Ironchip partner, provides security for IT and OT. It is a Spanish company of reference in the field of industrial cybersecurity. Secure&IT offers industrial cybersecurity services, integrated or independent of information security.




Secure&IT can control their entire industrial system through SCADA. Therefore, location-based multifactor authentication has been implemented. In addition to password and user, the person must be in front of the equipment. In this way, we increase security and prevent access from unauthorized places.

We have managed to increase security, improve control of your machinery and prevent unauthorized remote access. Any attacker will not be able to access your system without access to the interior of your premises.


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