How can companies ensure that they keep sensitive company data protected with remote work?

January 11th, 2021

Teleworking was installed in Spain in response to the restrictions established during the pandemic without having measures to exercise it safely. Consequently, cyber attacks increased, leading to security breaches in large and small companies.

Only in Spain during the past 2020, in full implementation of teleworking, according to the National Cybersecurity Center, 218,000 cyberattacks were registered and, according to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, 1,370 security breaches were reported.

It is obvious that most teleworkers need remote access to use their company's computing resources from their homes, instead of the office as they used to. This could be a great risk for the company if a series of security measures are not taken and it is done in an optimal way. We have proven for almost two years that a cyber attack can cost hundreds of thousands of euros and can even lead to the closure of the company; It is nonsense not to allocate investment in the safety and well-being of our workers and that this could once again lead to a cyber attack.


At Ironchip we guarantee the security of remote access to services and the corporate network.

We protect these connections through our triple proof of identity MFA: mobile, biometric proof and secure location generated by our technology. All of this can be integrated with any remote access solution, both VPN and RDP.

In addition, with our Identity platform we monitor access, thus offering better visibility of the status and log records of computer networks. Allowing through our manager:

  • Protect and isolate backups, 
  • Isolate and secure the different services, 
  • and management of access to information based on the role played by each worker, if desired.


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