Protect Windows Login of your work equipment

February 9th, 2022

The workplace is where we carry out our daily tasks in the company. As part of these daily activities, any user needs to access various systems and manipulate different types of information. As a direct consequence, we must bear in mind that the job is key from an information security point of view.

There are several risks to which the job is exposed:

► Information on paper available to anyone.
► Lack of confidentiality of traditional means of communication such as the telephone.
► Unauthorized access to devices.
► Malware infections.
► Theft of Information.


From the workstations there is access to computers, mobile devices and laptops with a connection to the company network and to the outside world (Internet). They are a "gateway" to the company and its information resources, which is why we need to provide our employees with sufficient security measures to help them ensure that the information is properly protected, and above all, that these are simple and safe measures, as this will help us to ensure that they are followed.

From the OSI, the Internet User's Health Office, they assure that 99% of inappropriate accesses are due to a human factor error, at Ironchip we know that the great key is to provide workers with tools that make their day-to-day life easier and not complicate it. That's why we've developed Windows Workstation Protection with Secure Login with Second Factor Authentication based on our secure location.

Ironchip's location-protected login allows access to work equipment in a secure manner, analyzes the location from which access is made in a transparent way to the user and thus generates alerts if logins are made from places not recognized, or more... allows only access to equipment from authorized locations... denying all access to equipment that is not established in their usual workplace... and all this with a simple integration in just 1 minute. You can see it in the next video.



What if your company does not have a mobile fleet from which to perform the startup verification? It is also possible, in this case, that the computer itself performs the analysis of the environment, allowing or denying access. In this new video you can see it better.


Fast integration and without complex processes? At Ironchip it is possible! We have developed this solution to allow you to authenticate your computer login from specific places, without keys or passwords, with easy integration. We guarantee access validation with zero friction and rapid integration to your systems, in just 1 minute. Yes, it is the time we need for you to use the solution and protect access to your systems, allowing them only in previously authorized locations, write to us and we will tell you how.

At Ironchip we have endless solutions to protect work environments in a simple and safe way, both for the person in charge of security management and for its users.



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