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Comply with the requirement of having an MFA
without costs of a mobile fleet.

March 3rd, 2022


Companies, not only have a need to protect their systems, but also the legal obligation to protect their entire environment with the implementation of mechanisms that comply with the data protection law, that restrict access to data by malicious users... In short , they must be able to guarantee a secure work environment, such as by implementing a secure MFA system.

Además de que éstos en la gran mayoría de casos exigen requerimientos adicionales como softwares o dispositivos móviles, para garantizar la individualidad del uso, pero que supone un coste extra para las empresas:

When we talk about security measures, passwords come to mind inevitably, including reinforcement with OTP codes, validation through messages... But given the increase in vulnerabilities in companies, it is clear that these methods are not practical, and they do not comply with the necessary guarantees to be able to ensure the protection of a company and avoid a cyber attack.

In addition to the fact that these require additional requirements, in the vast majority of cases, such as software or mobile devices, to guarantee the individuality of use, but which entails an extra cost for companies:

  • Validation codes: Mobile fleet for employees.
  • OTP Codes: Individual Token Devices.
  • Strong Passwords: A random password manager.

But... What happens if your company does not have these devices for all employees?

One of the great current problems, which arises in many companies, is not having a fleet of mobile phones to be able to implement an efficient multifactor system, with which to guarantee the identity of employee accesses.

With the growing commitment to innovation in cybersecurity, also driven by the shift towards the digitalization of companies, methods that are easier to use than the best known have emerged, methods such as Ironchip, easy to use and that really add an additional layer of security. And best of all, it has a desktop authentication application. You will be able to protect connections with an MFA integrated into work teams: Windows, Mac, Linux... without the need of having a mobile fleet in a simple and fast way.


¿How does it work?

So easy! The Ironchip Authenticator app is installed on work computers. In this way, through a convenient and fast integration, those applications or services that you want to protect through an MFA are secured.

When the user regularly accesses the service or application, they will receive a notification on their own computer to validate the access, Ironchip will validate the access and guarantee that the user is who they say they are, effectively thanks to its location technology.



Our secure location technology is highly resistant to identity theft. This identity is generated based on behaviour patterns based on the users' locations. What does this mean? That each time a user accesses the Ironchip service, it learns in a transparent way from its location, generating an identity that helps to differentiate between legitimate users and malicious users.

At Ironchip we are committed to helping you not only to comply with current security regulations, but also to exponentially increase the security of your entire data network with our secure location-based security layer. A solution with the perfect balance between security and user experience, which above all helps to implement security measures in an easy and agile way for users' day-to-day activities without hindering them.



For more information visit pour website: www.ironchip.com