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Digitalization has changed consumer habits. Online shopping is here to stay. Now it is not necessary to go to the establishments, both weekly purchases and impulsive whims, can be done at the click of a button. The report 'European Ecommerce Report 2022' corroborates that 71% of the Spanish population buys online and predicts that e-commerce will close 2022 with an increase of 17% in sales, reaching an estimated turnover of 65,300 million euros.

Every transaction we make in online media leaves a footprint on the Internet. That is why e-commerce can store a huge volume of data, according to the number of transactions and users who access the payment gateway.

Therefore, e-commerce has the responsibility to safeguard all types of information about its users:

  • Personal data of an immense number of consumers (ID, physical and online address ...)
  • Información financiera de personas físicas y jurídicas. (Cuenta bancaria, IBAN, CVV…)
  • Financial information of natural and legal persons. (Bank account, IBAN, CVV...)
  • Purchase history, tastes and preferences.
  • Information about loyalty programs, etc.

Undoubtedly, e-commerce is such an attractive source of data for cybercriminals, who insist on getting their users' information and later, their money.

These cybercrimes are becoming more frequent and there are already many people or companies affected by these practices.

Protection starts inside

One way to start protecting yourself is to guarantee your customers that buying from your online store is safe.

If your employees access from secure channels and your services are correctly protecting your customers' sensitive information, since an internal security breach can expose all information to cybercriminals.

Solutions like IRONCHIP's give you more security and control for your VPN protection.

Ironchip is able to protect different VPNs on the market fill out the form and soon we will be able to contact you to offer you the best solution tailored to your company.