Remote accesses protection for telemaintenance. Due to the growing acceptance of teleworking, the wind subsidiary Enerfin has opened up to the internet so that its workers can access their systems from other locations. Ironchip, with innovative location-based technology, has restricted access so that it is only possible to perform these tasks from Enerfin's own control center.

About Enerfin
Enerfin is the wind power subsidiary of the Elecnor Group, one of the main Spanish engineering and construction groups. Enerfin promotes, develops, builds and operates wind energy investment projects. After collaborating for Elecnor and due to the success of our solution, the securitization of its subsidiary was necessary.




Due to the growth of teleworking and its opening to the Internet, the securization of access to Enerfín's systems was absolutely necessary. Ironchip has been based on identity by location so that teleworking is not a problem and access to the Enerfin Control Center is only active from its own facilities, not from any other point on the planet, thus avoiding remote attacks derived from identity theft.


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