We have helped Renfe to improve the dynamics and security of its accesses for the maintenance of the facilities. Currently Renfe has external personnel for this task, for this reason, we have provided an innovative system based on location through which it is possible to validate physical access in an easy and safe way, and also reject improper accesses. In addition, we have provided a system capable of restricting external remote accesses.

About Renfe
Renfe is the main rail transport company for passengers and goods in Spain. Its service facilities are very extensive, from light and heavy maintenance throughout the territory to specialized component repair centers strategically distributed throughout the peninsula. Your safety is essential and access to these facilities must comply with strict security measures.




The accesses of external personnel to Renfe facilities generated a great problem. The way in which Renfe managed these physical accesses generated a continuous need for system administration each time there was a new entry or exit, in addition to the dependency that the need for the human factor always generated.

Thanks to Ironchip and its technology based on identity by location, when the third-party provider needs access to your facilities, the permission is automatically activated and deactivated. In addition, we ensure that anyone who wants to access your system must be in that specific place, as a security factor.


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